Sonia Hidalgo was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela; it was Sonia's Mother, who first encouraged the young artist's early interest in art. With her mother's encouragement, Sonia began attending private drawing and painting classes with a Spaniard teacher, later on, she met artist painter Abdon J. Romero, who became her husband and professor. She completed five years B.F.A in Fine Arts, minor in Education at Cecilio Acosta Catholic University in Venezuela. She has a deep and well-rounded education including studying with Master Painter Daniel Gerhartz.
In a few short years, Sonia Hidalgo has rapidly built a reputation as a teacher, director an finest contemporary realist painter. She is currently living and working in Miami, USA, with her husband and daughter.
Since moving here over a decade ago she has concentrated in the fine art instruction field and pursuing a career as an artist.
Her teaching and working experience includes the Romero Hidalgo Artists' Studios, where she has become a mainstay as an instructor of painting and drawing and Director also.
Hidalgo's works are steeped in tradition yet possess a timeless beauty that is at the same time quite contemporary.
The artist achievers a strong feeling of naturalism by creating a harmonious set of visual relationships that accurately reflect the nature of the subjects as it relates to its environment. Hidalgo is clearly fascinated with the human nature. As a result, a haunting inner beauty and deep complex thoughts often characterize many of Hidalgo's figurative pieces.

Sonia has an innate ability to endow her pictures with depth and meaning. The artist seek to convey her ideas without the constaints of obvious narrative. Her concepts are self-generated and are allowed to marinade for some time in terms of both intellectual and creative thought.
In fact, her working process has become significantly more demanding over time. She is not as interested in objective interpretation as she is in exploding the emotional potential of symbolism and other realms of artistic thought.
She is member of Oil Painters of America and Portrait Society of America.


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